Boiler Vent Systems

Van-Packer is one of the oldest venting manufactures in the US. All of their steel is minted in the US, and manufactured in the US. Van-Packer was founded in 1944 where it started the development of the first prefabricated “All Fuel” chimney. In 1947 they coordinated with UL in order to develop the test procedure for a UL Listed chimney. This is the beginning of Van-Packers long running history with UL and the start of Van-Packer as a leader in the industry through innovation and change to the chimney and venting industry.

Van-Packer offers the best lead times in the industry, with the most extensive product offering for single and double wall stainless steel chimney and venting. Van-Packer can also provide customized designed/engineered solutions for unique applications. To the right is an example of a customized base mounted section with a rectangular projection.


Condensing Boiler Applications

The Model CS is UL 1738 / ULC S636-95 listed for condensing boiler or special gas vent applications. It is listed for use with Category II, III and IV chimney systems and type BH gas vent in Canada from 4” ID all the way up to 36” ID. Van-Packer offers three tested and UL Listed liner materials, VP1738, VP1738A and AL29-4C® for use with the CS series. The VP1738A liner material is an equivalent/alternate material to the AL29-4C®. The model CS features a male-end connection that helps as a guide during installation and assists with the flow of condensation across joints in order to reduce the risk of leaks.


Non Condensing Boiler Applications & Engine Exhaust

The Model DW is UL 103 / ULC ORD C959 Listed for Low Heat Chimney’s up to 1000°F (537°C) continuous, UL 641 / ULC S609 Listed for Type “L” Low temperature venting and UL 2561 / ULC ORD C959 Listed for Chimney’s up 1400°F (760°C) continuous. Standard sizes range from 6” ID all the way up to 48” ID.


Freestanding Engineered Chimneys

The Model EC freestanding Engineered Chimney System. These are custom designed and engineered per each individual application based on the customer’s needs. EC’s can be provided as single wall, double wall, insulated and even as multi flue as shown below.