Burners & Combustion

Safe, economical, and reliable combustion is the first step in producing steam and hot water in boilers, or in direct industrial heating processes such as bakery ovens, oxidizers, cooking systems, wood kilns and dryers. Weishaupt Burner is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the most efficient and reliable burner systems in the market.

Weishaupt burners are available for a wide variety of applications and output capacities, and RJ Mechanical can help to select and install the correct burner system for any application. Output capacities range from 40,000 Btu/Hr up to 110,000,000 Btu/Hr and are available to burn a wide variety of fuels, including fuel oil, natural gas, recovered methane and bio-gas. Dual-fuel options are also available to allow automatic switching between alternative fuel sources.

Weishaupt has been at the forefront of the development of digitally controlled “linkage-less” burner design, which eliminate inaccuracies of fuel-air mixing systems, and provides a predictable, reliable, and repeatable combustion profile for the highest efficiency and energy savings. RJ Mechanical has technicians trained in the set up and service of Weishaupt Burners, and can provide a free evaluation of existing burner systems and accurately project energy savings.

Combustion Controls

Siemens Combustion Controls, is a world leader in manufacture and supply of innovative products for the combustion control industry. Complete burner and boiler control systems can be used to update existing controls to make boilers more efficient and economical to operate.

The Siemens LMV5 series Linkage-less Burner Management System delivers a fully-integrated control network that is very easy to install and operate. It integrates control of fuel-air mixture, burner flame safeguard, and modulating PID control, which can control 3-5 actuators simultaneously. The fuel-air ratio curve can be programmed with up to 15 points between low fire and high fire, and each point can be adjusted to a 1/10° degree for ultimate control and repeatability. This saves money by allowing the equipment to be operated at it’s maximum efficiency with no hysteresis, or loss of position that can occur with conventional linkage arms.

SCC has a full complement of controls for burners and boilers, including feedwater control, gas shut-off and modulating valves, air & stack dampers, oil valves, O2 sensors, flame sensors, pressure and temperature sensors, load controllers, control valves & actuators, gas flow meters, pressure switches, variable frequency drives (VFD’s), valve proving systems. SCC also offers complete retrofit kits for replacing conventional controls on older boilers with modern, digital systems delivering greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

A full line of control and display panels can consolidate several boilers into one panel, and give finger-touch control to operators. RJ Mechanical has technicians trained in the Siemens LMV5 flame safeguard and boiler control systems to provide local support.