Process Heating and Cooling

Many industrial facilities heat their processes using steam, hot water, waste heat recovery, or direct-fired process heaters along with heat exchangers. Process cooling can be accomplished using chillers, cooling towers, evaporative coolers and heat exchangers. Whatever the application, RJ Mechanical can design and build a heating or cooling system to meet your needs, using the most energy-efficient equipment and processes available.

Hot water boiler systems can provide low-grade heat for temperatures ranging from 120°F to 250°F for many industrial processes, or they can be used in high-temperature hot water (HTHW) systems where elevated pressures keep the water from flashing to steam. These HTHW systems can reach temperatures to 450°F, and are typically used in larger central heating plants for wide distribution over military bases, campuses and other institutional applications.

Low-pressure steam systems generate saturated steam at pressures up to 15 PSIG and 250°F. Since steam contains a greater heat value (enthalpy, or Btu/Lb.) at the same temperature as hot water, low-pressure steam systems provide highly efficient heat for brewing, distilling, plating, coating and other processes.

Medium- and high-pressure steam systems can range in pressures from 75 to 2,000 PSIG, and temperatures to 1,050°F for almost any industrial process heating requirement. These systems can produce saturated steam, where the steam pressure will dictate the temperature. These systems can also produce superheated steam, where more heat energy can be absorbed in the steam so it can be distributed at higher temperatures for power generation or distribution over large areas.

Oil heaters can be used to elevate temperatures above normal saturated steam temperatures, normally to 600°F to 800°F for certain processes, such as laminated wood, OSB, food processing and similar industrial applications.

In many cases, RJ Energy Systems can find a waste heat source—hot flue gases, incinerator exhaust, hot water drainage or any number of hot gases or liquids that can be used to heat a process. RJ Energy Systems can provide standard and custom-built waste heat boilers, economizers, heat exchangers and heat recovery steam generators to provide a source for process heating.

At the other end of the temperature spectrum, process cooling can be accomplished through the use of chiller systems, cooling towers, closed-circuit coolers and heat exchangers. Where process heating involves the absorption of heat by the process, cooling involves the rejection of heat by the process where it is absorbed by the cooling system. Depending on the desired beginning and ending temperatures and the products to be cooled, RJ Mechanical can provide the most energy-efficient system to meet your application requirements.