Water Heating

Hot water boilers are used in a wide variety of applications in a broad range of facilities. Whether the application is hydronic heating in commercial buildings or campus-wide central energy plants, industrial process heating, or domestic water heating, RJ has the high-efficiency solution.

Process Water Heating & District Heating

Miura boiler provides modular hot water boilers for large central hot water heating and process heating systems, with individual modules from 50 HP to 300 HP (1,675 MBH to 10,050 MBH) that can be configured to meet any capacity requirements. The LXW series hot water watertube boilers with low NOx gas burners take up less than 1/3 the space of conventional firetube boilers with the same capacity. These are available in module sizes of 50HP, 100HP, 150HP and 175HP and can be arranged to quickly respond to varying load conditions. The EXW series hot water watertube boilers are available in dual-fuel designs and are available in module sizes of 100HP, 200HP and 300HP.  Rated to 160 PSIG and up to 250°F, with high water volume and low pressure drop, the Miura LXW and EXW designs can meet the most demanding process applications.  Higher pressure ratings are also available for High-Temperature Hot Water systems

High-Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Generators from English Boiler provide district heating or campus-wide heating systems with water heated above the saturation point but kept under pressure to keep it in a liquid state that can be continuously circulated through wide areas for efficient heating with no make-up losses.  This allows a higher level of heat transfer (above 350°F at pressures above 300 PSIG) using smaller piping diameters than lower temperature systems.

English Boiler, LLC designs and manufactures a Lamont style HTHW generator in capacities from 20 MMBtu/Hr to 250 MMBtu/Hr output with smaller footprint and low head arrangement.  The Lamont HTHW system features a square furnace that allows uniform heat distribution and low emissions, and provide balanced flow in all sections of the generator for safe and efficient operation.  HTHW systems are suitable for use with fuel oil and natural gas combustion systems.

Condensing Hot Water Boilers

The Superior Boiler Creek series condensing boiler provides the highest efficiency available in water heating in capacities from 300,000 to 6,000,000 BTU/hr.  The heart of the Creek desing is a robust titanium-infused stainless-steel heat exchanger, which allows the boiler to withstand the corrosive effects of condensing flue gases for years of reliable operation.  A large horizontal combustion chamber limits the formation of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and is matched with a specially engineered vertical condensing section of AISI 316 Ti stainless steel.  Paired with a high-efficiency digital modulating burner system, this can be used for natural gas, #2 oil or in dual-fuel applications requiring an emergency back-up fuel, such as hospital applications.  The Creek series is a flow-through design, requiring no dedicated boiler pump.  There is no limit on return water temperature, and it is designed with two hot water returns, allowing for a system with two distinct loops with two different return temperatures.

Steam-to-Water Heating

The Sellers "Quick Heat" indirect semi-instantaneous steam water heater by Sellers Manufacturing generator uses steam or hot water
from a boiler to produce large volumes of hot water and steam in a small footprint. Its stainless steel mixing chamber eliminates corrosion
and erosion while assuring uniform temperatures at any flow rate.

Storage Water Heaters

The Sellers Manufacturing Heat-N-Store is an automatic, steam generator completely packaged storage type large volume water heater that is available in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. The water is heated indirectly with a heat exchanger using hot water boiler outlet water as the heating medium. The heater has two sections incorporated into one assembly: a recovery section and a storage section. See below for key features of this large-volume storage water heater.